Eezeetags b.v.


Self Service Bagdrop in less than 1 minute
Optimising Passenger flow and minimising check in hassle are two common airport goals being met by the increasing presence of self-service bag drop machines.
Eezeetags can help create a seamless travel experience to keep passengers smiling.
eezeetags are Bag Tags specially designed for self-service Bag Drop operations.
eezeetags are language Neutral
eezeetags have a magic adhesive that does not stick to Bags, Clothes, Children or Floors.
eezeetags need no pulling away from any backing paper, guaranteeing a clean operation at the point of tagging.
eezeetags can only be tagged the correct way,
It all adds up to, Intuitive Tagging.
And the final result: a positive end to end travel experience for the passenger.
experience it yourself at booth G26