Caffè di Artisan Global Holdings


Exquisite Luxury Coffee Up In The Air, Without Machines?
No Galley Space, No Maintenance
Just Consistent, Liquid Luxury Coffee…Every Single Time? 
Yes, it is finally possible

Caffè di Artisan brings you the Ultimate Food-Tech Coffee Disruption with its Game-changing Coffee solution for the travel industry
Exquisite Luxury  Coffee.
In Liquid Single shot Pods
Fine Coffee. Ready In 60 Seconds.
Without Machines 
Caffe di Artisan: Winner, The Mercurys 2016 
Caffè di Artisan also has won the "Best New Product for the Travel and Hospitality Industry, 2017" at the WTCE Hamburg!

Absolutely No Preservatives, 
Long shelf life –Easy for crew to prepare and serve
No galley space required, no weight addition like coffee machines
Wide variety of rare, exotic beans
Bespoke blends, crafted just for you

 ‘Lufthansa airplane returns because of burning coffee machine”
“An inordinate amount of coffee-maker problems are causing flight delays”, says Amercan Airlines
“Studies show alarming amounts of bacteria in coffee machines”

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Coffee machines add an unnecessary level of complexity and hassles, even safety concerns, to the operation of airlines, cruises and other travel operators. The Caffè di Artisan coffee system makes serving Luxe coffee a breeze.

Imagine offering your premium customers a Luxury Coffee menu, to rival your wine list!