Connectivity. Data. Infrastructure. For airline and airport CIOs & CTOs.





The Aviation IT Show explores how IT Platforms can and should be used in commercial aviation.

From back-office operations through to customer experience, IT is revolutionising the way in which the airline sector operates.

This event tackles not only the opportunities but also the challenges of IT integration with legacy systems.

With CIOs attending from some of the world’s most interesting and forwardthinking airlines this event presents a fantastic opportunity to put your business in front of them.


Who Sponsors?

  • Cloud, Storage Infrastructure
  • ERP
  • BPO
  • Communication Systems
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Big Data
  • Analytics
  • Implementation Partners
  • Communications

Who Attends?

  • CIO
  • CTO
  • IT Director
  • COO/Head of Operations
  • Commercial Director
  • Head of Distribution
  • Head of Website
  • Head of Data analytics
  • Head of Mobile
  • Head of BPO
  • Head of Technical
  • Airline In-house Data Centre




To sponsor or exhibit contact:
Adam Ball
Tel:   +65 6322 2705

To speak contact:
Phu Nguyen
Tel:  +65 6322 2338