World Low-Cost Airlines Congress


World Low Cost Airlines Congress, Thursday 28 February 2019

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Hiroyuki Uehara
World Low Cost Airlines Congress

Building a LHLC carrier: JAL’s vision and objectives

Panel discussion
World Low Cost Airlines Congress

PANEL: The evolution of LHLC: where are we going?

  • Has the launch of LHLC routes created more appetite for LHLC among LCCs?
  • How much can be unbundled under the LHLC model?
  • When you're talking about 8+ hours in the sky, is it really still all about cost?
  • Can and should LHLC carriers join major alliances?
  • Alternative airports: is the price worth it?
Michal Litwin, Strategy and Business Development Manager, Polish Aviation Group

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Routes and regions

Suresh Nair
World Low Cost Airlines Congress

India: new LCC opportunities

  • India has the world's fastest growing domestic market and will soon be the world's third largest aviation market: what opportunities is this creating for LCCs?
  • New international opportunities for LCCs following the removal of the 5/20 rule and an updated National Civil Aviation Policy
Panel discussion
World Low Cost Airlines Congress

Expanding beyond India

  • The LCC market in northeast Asia is congested and complex - what's next for LCCs in the region?
  • China has the world's fastest growing middle class - where do they want to fly?
  • In countries with a proliferation of LCCs, will we see consolidation?
  • Are there strong biases towards national FSCs, or is there more opportunity for LCCs?
Dendra Falah Aprila
World Low Cost Airlines Congress

The emerging aviation market in Indonesia

Herve Gueusquin
World Low Cost Airlines Congress

Africa: new opportunities?

Panel discussion
World Low Cost Airlines Congress

INTERVIEW: Southeast Asia: is there still untapped opportunity?

  • With intense competition and overcapacity concerns, what are the growth prospects for SE's LCC market?
  • How can airports work effectively with airlines to facilitate growth?
  • What ooperation benefits need to be explored?
  • Will we see consolidation in the region as carriers look to cooperate rather than compete?

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Close of Aviation Festival Asia 2019 - see you in 2020!

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