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Covid-19 and the New Normal in the Chinese aviation market

16th June 2020 3:30 PM (SGT)

Hosted by Terrapinn 

At the start of the pandemic, many were questioning when the aviation market would start to recover and what that recovery would look like. The Chinese market is looking to be a template for recovery. In February, at the height of the virus in China, load factors hit a low of 40%, but they are heading up to 60% and domestic flights are recovering. Is this the same model that is going to be replicated across the world and is China still on track to be the largest aviation market in the world? Join Shawn Wang as he discusses the “new normal” and the future of the Chinese aviation market.

  • How has the Chinese market recovered, and can this be replicated else where?
  • When will the Chinese international market start to head back up to the near pre-covid point?
  • Is China still on track to be the largest aviation market by 2025, or has the pandemic shifted predications?



Live interview with:


Shawn Wang, Member of Data Science 50 of China, China Business Network (YICAI)

Shawn Wang

Head of Data Labs

China Eastern Airlines

China Business Network (CBN/YICAI) The Data Science 50 of China



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