On-floor Seminars


On-Floor Seminars - Day One

On-Floor Seminars

Leading the travel sector from online to mobile

Esad Cakici, Sales Director, Hitit Computer Services
last published: 19/Feb/18 02:55 GMT


On-Floor Seminars - Day Two

On-Floor Seminars

How can airlines use digital platforms to boost its’ ancillary revenue?

Oliver Lynch, Business Development Director, Comtrade Digital Services
On-Floor Seminars

How Bluetooth will revolutionise LCC connectivity for airline PAX and crew

Derek Byrne, Technical Director, AeroAid
On-Floor Seminars

What is stopping the industry from going full composite? Bringing hi-tech to Economy Class seats

David Reid, Head of Marketing, Sysco Software Solutions
On-Floor Seminars

How do you paint 1000 aircrafts per year globally?

Rajan Bindra, Chief Commercial Officer, IAC
On-Floor Seminars

Introducing Shannon International Aviation Services Centre

John Drysdale, Business Development Manager, Shannon Group
last published: 19/Feb/18 02:55 GMT