Aviation IT, Tuesday 21 February 2017

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Aviation IT, Tuesday 21 February 2017



Organiser’s opening remarks


Chairperson's opening remarks

Teerapol .Chotichanapibal

Keynote Interviews

Join us for a series of exclusive interviews, where leaders of major airlines outline what it takes to succeed, and how they are planning to keep succeeding as the industry continues to ‘fly’ forward. Find out their thoughts on what the major game changers will be, how they are continuing to innovate their business models to remain competitive and their plans for the future of their airline.
09:00-09:20: Interview 1
09:20-09:40: Interview 2
09:40-10:00: Interview 3
Panel discussion

Aviation Leaders Panel: Asia Pacific aviation outlook ​

Asia Pacific remains a standout growth market for the aviation industry. Following their in-depth interviews,  these leaders come together to  debate some of the major challenges facing the sector, including:

  • How to keep revenues ahead of costs where a lot of the costs are outside of your control?
  • To hedge or not to hedge: In a low oil price environment, how important is hedging to profitability?
  • Customers want to pay a sensible price but still have growing expectations. How can the industry cope with the best-in-class expectations, while seeking sustainable profitability?
  • What will unlock growth for the industry?
  • What are the major trends that will drive aviation in the future?

Exhibition Visit, Networking & Refreshments


Denny Permana
Aviation IT

CIO Forum: Digitising the airline business

The whole tech industry is changing at a phenomenal pace right now. Airlines and airports obviously need to do the same to accelerate a lot of what we are doing. This is driving CIOs to enable a faster transformation within the company.
We invite leading CIOs to share insights on what impact the digital revolution will continue to have in the airline industry, how to move fast and think big.
The session will start with a 15-min interview with each CIO on the opportunities and challenges they are facing, followed by a panel discussion.
11:30-11:45: Interview 1
Declan Hogan
, Chief Information Officer, AirAsia

11:45-12:00: Interview 2
Ravinder Pal Singh (Ravi), Chief Information & Innovation Officer, Vistara (TATA SIA Airlines Limited)

12-00:12-15: Interview 3
Denny Permana, Vice President of Information Technology and Strategy, Garuda Indonesia

12:15-12:50: Panel discussion
  • It starts with integration: How IT can help to seamlessly connect different functions across the entire enterprise
  • Leveraging new capabilities like big data to change how we work and accelerate the progress with our customer experience
  • How to balance innovation versus budgeting
  • What are the tech trends that we can tap on to make a big difference?

Networking Lunch & Exhibition Visit


Yuko Yoshimura
Aviation IT

How to improve customer experience with app: Lessons from ANA’s challenges with DevOps

  • Design thinking: ANA’s vision of an application that customer will feel confident
  • Back-end challenges: How dev and ops teams can effectively collaborate for continuous integration
Derek Chan
Aviation IT

Enabling and managing enterprise mobility

  • Why aren’t airlines/ airports building more mobile apps for their employees? What’s holding us back?
  • Trends driving change in enterprise mobility adoption and management
  • Best practices and technologies to use to manage enterprise mobility
Mahesh Gupta
Aviation IT

Building a mobile centre of excellence

A mobile centre of excellence offers a place for airlines to organise, manage, and distribute mobile enterprise initiatives and solutions. The centre is critical for IT teams to respond to issues quickly, make changes to the mobile projects, and develop and deploy multiple apps that drive long-term efficiency for the airlines. 
  • Building a more agile and efficient IT infrastructure to keep up with the pace of change in mobile development and customer expectation
  • Challenges of engaging different divisions that develop apps, create policies and security plans, and implement the solutions
  • If given a chance to start the project all over again, what would you do differently?
Aviation IT

The coming robotics revolution: Why CIOs should care?

Advances in robotics technology are making human–machine collaboration an everyday reality. Better and cheaper sensors, and more advanced cloud computing and data analytics tools are enabling robots to “understand” and respond to its environment. It’s a fascinating technology, but what does it really mean for CIOs in the air transport today? How robotics will translate into business results, and what is the roadmap for the technology to be used across the organisation.

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Now’s your chance to get really interactive! Simply pick one of our roundtable topics and join the debate. Numbers will be limited at each table, to ensure everybody gets their chance to participate in the discussion.

Adapting for today’s corporate travellers: What’s real, what’s hype and what’s important?


Airport terminals of the future: Getting it right from the planning stage

round tables

Best practice in sourcing talent

The aviation industry is unique as it requires a great variety of talent to operate – cabin crew, pilots, engineers, marketeers, network planners, revenue managers, social media managers and more. That creates challenges in recruitment. Join us to discuss best practices in talent selection, development methodologies, latest online recruitment systems and assessment tools, and improvements in the quality of recruitment practices.

Chinese travel boom and how to profit from it


Cyber security: How to safely navigate dangers without slowing down your business


Deploying advance analytics anytime, anywhere


Deploying cloud technology

round tables

Distribution turning point: Who will win the battle for distribution share?

The speed of technology development has resulted in the constant splintering of distribution platforms. With mobile platforms poised to overtake traditional B2C websites what will the response from GDS and other channels be? What are the next developments that will complement the fast-adoption technology and how can airlines anticipate and prepare?

FSCs vs LCCs – What is the future for competition and how will long-haul-low-cost be achieved?


Ground handling at busy airports: Ensuring smooth arrivals & departures

Airport operations are complex. An orchestra of activities are carried out within a confined area, around expensive airplanes, in a short period of time. Airlines, airports and ground service providers need to come together to identify the gap in collaboration, where their practices are not meeting the standards and how to further streamline the passenger experience.

How should airlines manage and scale their disruption communications in the digital (and social) age?

With passenger numbers set to double over the next 20 years, so will the scale of disruption airlines have to manage. With growing customer expectations and an ever-increasing number of communication channels, the pressure is growing for airlines to have a robust disruption communications strategy, and a first-class customer service. How can a multi-channel approach help maximise engagement? Where does ‘social’ fit in and how should it be used? How can technology be used to break down operational and customer service silos, and to what extent can automation be used to help airlines manage disruption at scale?

How to create an unstoppable viral campaign


If the benefits of digitising an airline business are clear, what are the holdbacks and execution strategies?


Improving digital retail: How airlines and airports can collaborate

Airlines and airports need to work together to leverage data assets and embrace technological improvements, if they want to increase their ancillary revenues and keep up with the customer’s demand on a seamless travel experience. The word “silos” has come up too often in discussions on managing airline and airport data exchange. It’s been difficult, but it’s doable, given the advanced technology today and innovative retail models we’ve seen in other industries. 

Increasing productivity through automation


More content, more games and more advertising: Turning IFE into a business platform


Multi-channel digital marketing: How to reach, engage & convert visitors to paying customers


Multi-channel merchandising: How to increase ancillary revenue


Please don’t leave! How to retain your best talent

Failing to retain key employees is costly to the bottom line, especially when the aviation industry is short of skilled workforce and we need experienced leaders amidst increased competition. How to provide a positive employee experience? What are the unconventional ways of retaining talents?

Rethinking the customer experience: Meeting and exceeding the demands of your passengers


Seat & cabin design: How to combine comfort with high density


The future of airline partnerships: Codeshare pacts or global clubs?

While some advocates for the three global clubs, others opt for a patchwork system of partnerships (e.g. codeshare, interline agreements, joint ventures and equity stakes), adding their interests now extend beyond the alliance ties. Join us to understand the changing partnership strategies

Transformations in payment technology


Unlocking total customer value - Are airlines missing the point of loyalty?

Many programmes focus on rewarding the best customer the "Fat Head" of customers. But should loyalty in the future be democratised to unlock the long tail of loyalty? How can airlines extend customer engagement principles beyond FFP? We will look at how you can unlock value from your most engaged members through advocacy with compelling data from the Ogilvy Millward Brown Loyalty Index showing the impact of social engagement particularly within the Asian Market.  With mid and lower tier spenders how can loyalty programmes be best leveraged to deliver a more personalised engaging experience to drive value? Beyond the programme, real loyalty is created through positive and negative experiences in travel. How can digital fuel experiences that drive emotional loyalty?

When crisis strikes, you say what?

Airlines have the best crisis management procedures in the world and are models for other industries to follow. Airlines have manuals, procedures, training, readiness and resources to manage minor and major emergencies. But with a pervasive digital and social media global platform, what you say at zero hour sets the tone for effective management of a crisis. 
Panel discussion

Panel: China’s aviation: Shifting the centre of gravity

China plans to allocate about 77 billion yuan (USD $12 billion) for investment in civil aviation in 2016. 66 new civil airports are planned during its next five-year plan. On top of that, the growth of international traffic on Chinese airlines in 2015 was 33%. That’s the same as the previous three years combined.  Its big 3 airline groups are increasing their international focus, international airlines are increasing partnerships with Chinese airlines and routes to China. And that’s to say nothing of its domestic growth potential. Quite simply, China could be the game changing market in Aviation. Join us as we explore what this means for the air travel industry in APAC and globally, and how we should plan ahead on partnerships, market development and customer strategies.

Panel discussion

D-i-s-r-u-p-t-i-o-n! Embracing change: How can airlines thrive in the age of digital disruption?

New start-ups are emerging every day that could change the face of the aviation industry as we know it. More airlines are focusing on innovation than ever before. But what does this really mean for our industry? This exciting panel discussion, closing day 1, will see explore the disruptive factors changing air travel and how airlines can prepare for the next level. Key areas that will be addressed include:

  • What does changing traveller behaviour mean for the air travel experience?  
  • Competing with the advent of new and innovative technology
  • The digitisation of everything: How to turn challenges into opportunities?
  • What will be travel’s next big thing? - New emerging technologies (e.g. Artificial Intelligence) and how the industry can prepare for a different reality
  • The forward thinking airlines: How to partner with the emerging potential game changers?
  • Challenging conventional assumptions and exploring new approaches

Networking Drinks Reception

Join us for a drink at the end of a busy day of networking and learning at our Chinese-themed Networking Reception hosted by Spring Airlines. With jazz musicians from Shanghai, free flowing drinks, traditional Chinese cuisine and free flights for lucky winners, this is one networking event you shouldn’t miss. Did we mention it’s free with your premium conference pass?
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