Robert Mwesigwa Nviiri | Executive Director
EAC Cassoa

Robert Mwesigwa Nviiri, Executive Director, EAC Cassoa

Mr. Robert F.O. Mwesigwa Nviiri is the current and 3rd Executive Director of EAC CASSOA. He was appointed to the position on 15th August 2015 by the 32nd Council of Ministers of the EAC until 31st May 2017. He is a Soviet trained aeronautical engineer with a Master’s of Science degree in aeronautical engineering having specialized in aircraft construction and exploitation.
Given the new dimensions of threats to civil aviation, as the Executive Director of the East African Community’s Civil Aviation Safety and Security Oversight Agency (CASSOA), Mr. Nviiri's focus is on the enhancement of aviation security oversight by the Partner States’ Civil Aviation Authorities, the Agency having given adequate attention to civil aviation safety oversight during its first five years of operation since 2007. To that effect, he is also an alumnus of the Galilee International Management Institute, Israel, where he graduated in an IATA Aviation Security Managers course (2013) and National Security course (2015).
He believes in the importance of harmonization of civil aviation policies and regulations in order to have a safe, efficient and economical aviation industry in East Africa. His dream is to have an EAC regional airline revived, i.e. as the one time East African Airways, which would give East Africa a leverage to compete with the mega carriers that ply the regional and long haul routes connecting passengers to destinations that were once served by East African Airways in the 1960s and 1970s.

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