Nowel Rfanyu Ngala | Commercial Director
ASKY Airline

Nowel Rfanyu Ngala, Commercial Director, ASKY Airline

Nowel is a strong believer of the African renaissance, an experienced senior airline executive and jurist with extensive international exposure and proven commercial and leadership capabilities. 
His commercial and leadership shrewdness includes overseeing the elaboration and implementation of the commercial and corporate strategy that has made ASKY Airlines profitable and the largest and fastest growing airline in West and Central Africa currently serving 23 destinations.
He currently holds the position of Commercial and Ground operations Director of ASKY Airlines and has worked with other top brands such as Deloitte LLP, Diageo, M&S…
A true Pan-Africanist perfectly versed in English and French languages and a holder of an MBA and a post professional certification from the Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK.

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