Kate Aleksidze | Chief Executive Officer
United Airports of Georgia

Kate Aleksidze, Chief Executive Officer, United Airports of Georgia

Kate Aleksidze became the first person to lead newly established Airport Authority - United Airports of Georgia (UAG) when she took on the role of CEO from early 2010. Since that period, UAG introduced major infrastructural projects, constructing 2 completely new airports and in total currently owns 3 international and 1 domestic airports all over the country. 
Over the last 5 years Mrs Aleksidze has been keen and successful to engage all aviation stakeholders including private concessioners to achieve common goals, as a result of which Georgian airports have experienced a robust 20% compound average growth rate. She has also overseen a major internal restructuring of UAG to improve the company’s organizational effectiveness in delivering greater value to the passengers using Georgian airports. 
Kate Aleksidze has been a tireless campaigner for UAG, spreading the word internationally about the country as a destination and its airports, as well bringing some major aviation international events to Georgia. Kate Aleksidze was born in Georgia in 1980 and graduated from Tbilisi State University in 2003. She has broad international and local working as well teaching and consulting experience in government and private as well as for non-profit sector.

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