John Ryan | Project Director
Fraport AG

John Ryan, Project Director, Fraport AG

John Ryan has over 25 years professional experience in the management of aviation, real estate, retail and hospitality related industries. 

His range of business experience extends from running a finance and accounting department to preparing airport operational readiness, project management, financial controlling, strategic planning, IT systems strategy and detailed design, coordinating public tenders, budgetary planning, cash-flow forecasting, M&A procedures, regulation, cost control and asset management. He has a thorough operational understanding of how an airport is managed on a day to day basis and the challenges that entails.

At present, John is Project Director with Fraport AG, based at the headquarters in Frankfurt. He deals with international development, including international acquisitions, operational management contracts and consulting services. He has spent 10 years in our subsidiaries overseas, in New Delhi, Jeddah and in Dakar.

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