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Innovative solutions for safe and smooth passenger flow in metro and rail stations

9 July 2020, 03.30PM (Singapore Time)

As we gradually ease out of lockdowns and people start using metro systems again, we need to ensure both the safety and the trust of riders and personnel alike. How can operators and authorities ensure the safety and well-being of passengers in public transport stations whilst keeping their journeys smooth and efficient? A sound strategy is key to winning back commuter confidence. A commuter’s journey to work, for example, starts when they leave home; before they reach their destination, however, a series of encounters will have taken place. Every single of these encounters needs to be safe - otherwise the whole chain is at risk. This must-attend webinar touches upon solutions to minimize risks and ensure smooth flow through stations in the “new normal”:


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Managing a crisis: the industry's response to the Covid-19 pandemic

14 April 2020, 03.30PM (Singapore Time)

How is the rail industry responding to the Covid-19 crisis? As operators and authorities react to the ever-evolving pandemic, many operators have already taken steps to mitigate the impact to their business and increase assurances for customers and employees during these uncertain times. Attend this webinar to learn about the strategies that have been put in place, and their ongoing contingency plans.


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High Speed Rail: restarting operations post-Covid-19

21 April 2020, 03.30PM (Singapore Time)

Covid-19 has the potential to forever change the way we travel. The pandemic could accelerate the already occurring move from air to rail. With operations currently at a standstill, HSR operators are planning for a restart that both addresses the changes occurring and what these mean for the future.


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Customer experience and Covid-19: trends, impacts and implications for the future

28 April 2020, 04.00PM (Singapore Time)

At a time of unprecedented challenges faced by the rail industry, it is all the more important for organisations to be attuned to the rapidly evolving expectations of both employees and customers. Customer experience has emerged as one of the key considerations of operators and authorities alike. Operators are focusing on reviewing their customer experience strategy by understanding changes in consumer behaviour, and making better use of digital channels to communicate changes and safety considerations to passengers, as well as engaging with passengers.


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Blockchain based tokenization of rail infrastructure assets for lean operation models for secondary lines

7 May 2020, 03.30PM (Singapore Time)

Secondary lines already posed significant challenges before the onset of Covid-19. The current situation makes clear that we need alternate, leaner ways to operate low density lines - blockchain could be an enabler. The lines are used at low intensity and speeds but the costs to operate the needed infrastructure are quite considerable. These facts in conjunction with a raising demand for carbon-free transport result in the demand for new and alternate ways to set up and operate such an infrastructure in a safe way.

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Cost and schedule performance: when good is not good enough

12 May 2020, 03.00PM (Singapore Time)

Today’s railway operators and contractors are looking to leverage the latest technology to monitor and improve upon project performance. Shelves full of business process documentation and paper reports have been replaced with an enterprise project performance system that acts as an enabling platform to ensure best practices are followed while executing today’s increasingly complex projects. Cost and schedule outcomes are boosted because actionable information is now presented in interactive dashboards that identify early warning indicators, so problems can be easily visualized and acted upon. Join us as we discuss the current state of the industry, the leading trends, and the steps that can be taken to boost project outcomes.


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