Yi Min | Chief Advisor China Business
MTR Corporation | Hong Kong

Yi Min, Chief Advisor China Business, MTR Corporation

Yi Min began his career at Research Institute of China Ministry of Chemical Industry (MCI) in 1982 as an electronic system control engineer for 6 years and then selected by China State Planning Commission (SPC-CCBCC) as a joint venture project co-ordinator for State level Sino-foreign equity joint venture negotiations.  During his earlier career in State government, he has gained rich working experience in Chinese government hierarchy system in conjunction with international commercial negotiations exposures. 

In 1990, Yi Min was selected by BP plc in China as chief representative of BP China where he worked 19 years until late 2008.  During his 19 years career in BP, Yi Min had developed the first BP equity joint venture company in Shenzhen and being appointed JV Board Director and Deputy General Manager for 5 years. In late 1995, Yi Min had been appointed as a local resources manager and project negotiation team leader for BP/SINOPEC 3 Billion USD petrochemical cracker JV project (SECCO) based in Shanghai. During this 9 years partnership working experience, Yi Min had grown his negotiation and working competence to a mature senior business manager.  In 1999, Yi Min had been appointed as BP China Vice President of Government & Public Affairs, his strategic leadership involvement in BP China’s deeply partnership with Chinese oil companies had made a step change to BP China’s business portfolio, such as BP/SINOPEC and BP/PetroChina IPO projects, GD LNG project and national W-E pipe lines project etc. In late 2001, Yi Min was appointed Regional Advisor based in London for BP Asian Government & Public Affairs. This role provided Yi Min more competences to deal with broaden Asian regional government issues. 

In late 2004, Yi Min was appointed Vice President of BP China, Board Director and General Manager of BP/SINOPEC Acetyls joint venture company (BYACO) with business responsibility of 200 million USD. 

In 2008 Yi Min joined GE China and was appointed of General Manager of Pan-Bohai Region as well as General Manager of Corporate Government Affairs. In this leadership position, he had critical leadership contributions to GE China’s cross business units and cross business functions integration.

In 2010, Yi Min is selected by Novartis China as Country President. Under his leadership, Novartis established strategic partnership with key government stakeholders through MOU and training platform actively involved in China’s Healthcare reform process, he also led the exploring of possibility study of listing a pharmaceutical MNC in China stock exchange market international board. He also led a one of the top pharmaceutical MNCs in China market not only a P&L performer but also a high end business ethical compliance road model until he left the position.

In 2012, Yi Min is selected by MTR as China CEO. In 2017, being as a Chief Advisor of China Business continuously pursuing and building strong government cooperation in  “People Care” national level project and strategic alignment for MNC involving China  community and  infrastructure development. The MTR’s Rail plus Property model (R+P), Private Public Partnership model (PPP) and New Urbanization Development model (TOD) are promoted to senior government leadership officials.
Yi Min holds PMD in Harvard Business School, MBA in Ashridge Management College UK, and MIE in Chinese Academy of Social Science etc.

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