Mr Wilson Ho | Director
Wilson Acoustics Ltd | Hong Kong

Mr Wilson Ho, Director, Wilson Acoustics Ltd

Mr. Wilson Ho is an acoustic specialist in railway industry.  In Year 2007, Wilson invented a new type rail damper being the only damper in the world able to suppress rail corrugation growth and providing garentee of minimum 3dB(A) noise reduction. 
He is now conducting a research on squeal noise reduction by rail damper.  This is being a hot topic among all railway nosie control experts in the world, as various theories are developed predicting damper effect on squeal noise.  In the seminar, Wilson will present a review on squeal noise theories and the measurement results of a curve track installed with damper to verify if damper can autally reduce squeal noise.  In addition, Wilson has also invented a few patented noise control products, including retractable noise barrier suitable for night time roadworks and piling noise damper to eliminate pile ringing noise.  He is the chairman of noise and vibration control sub-committee of Hong Kong Institute of Acoustics.

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