Wee Lee Chia | Deputy Director Rolling Stock Workshop
SMRT Trains Ltd | Singapore

Wee Lee Chia, Deputy Director Rolling Stock Workshop, SMRT Trains Ltd

Wee Lee has more than a decade of experience in the railway industry. He began his career a consultant engineer in the field of Noise & Vibration. His credentials are grounded in fieldwork experience, which spans the testing of passenger trains and freight wagons, and track measurement & analysis.
At SMRT, Wee Lee has undertaken a varied scope of work in Permanent Way and Rolling Stock. This includes developing condition-monitoring systems for the track and the systemwide condition assessment of the Third Rail. In his last appointment before taking on his present role, he was responsible for SMRT’s Rolling Stock Workshop; this position oversaw the overhaul and heavy maintenance of trains with over 100 staff, and also included the setting-up of Tuas depot workshop.
His professional interests & engagements include Condition Monitoring, Data Analytics
and High Speed Rail. Wee Lee holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the
University of New South Wales, Australia.


Day One @ 15:40

Data analytics for train fleet reliability

The presented analytics are used to steer efforts to help improve train fleet reliability. One key aspect is a 3D data visualisation of the maintenance orders (MO) generated for train-borne subsystems, which allows a time-space perspective to be depicted. Information set up in the aforementioned framework becomes useful, as it accords comparative analysis between train types over time (as will be demonstrated). This includes outlier identification and a drill down of accountability to the component level. A correlation between MO (maintenance order) count and levels of delay severity, using representative data that has been anonymized, reveals a pyramid relationship for the three subsystems of interest.

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