Voravuth Mala | Deputy Governor of Property Management Business Cluster
State Railway of Thailand | Thailand

Voravuth Mala, Deputy Governor of Property Management Business Cluster, State Railway of Thailand


Day One @ 11:30

Boosting Thailand’s railway freight development: Opportunities and challenges

  •     Service expansion in securing future demand and improvement of usage share 
  •     How does railway freight support future trade in the Greater Mekong sub-region? 
  •     How can SRT capture more on revenues from freight traffic and increase its local usage share? 
  •     How can the China-Thailand Railway Project increase freight and passenger connectivity?  

Day One @ 15:00

Rail Freight Leaders Panel: Perspectives into industry dynamics and global emerging trends

  • What role does rail play in intermodal freight
  • How should authorities and operators be collaborating to deliver end-to-end freight services?
  • Accelerating the rail freight network in the region to gain greater market share
  • What are the key challenges towards achieving sustainable development?


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