Thomas Dorfner | Vice President
Getzner Werkstoffe | Austria

Thomas Dorfner, Vice President, Getzner Werkstoffe

Thomas H. Dorfner started off his railway career when he joined Getzner Werkstoffe in June 2000.  Previous to the engagement with Getzner he has been working with VOEST Alpine’s subsidiary in Norway where he had sales responsibility for rails and turnouts. Over the years, his portfolio includes 20 years of international business affairs in leading positions including a10 year tenure in Norway and the U.K.
He has also been commercially involved in many international railway projects namely in Asian countries like Korea, Japan, Singapore, Europe and other parts of the World.
He is giving lectures and presentations to professional audiences during conferences and publishes articles on vibration mitigation issues in rail transportation systems and architectural applications in professional journals.  
He has a BSc in Chemical Engineering and a MBA in International Marketing and Business Affairs.


Seminar Day One @ 14:30

Elasticity in Railway Superstructure

Seminar Day Two @ 13:00

PANEL: Best practices in track maintenance and renewal

  •     Sharing of best practices for moving maintenance crew on and off the track quickly and effectively while complying with safety regulations to maximise efficiency 
  •     Moving from reactive to proactive approaches - Adopting predictive and preventative technologies and regimes to reduce track downtime 
  •     What does a standardised, best practice maintenance regime look like? What is the roadmap to achieving this?  

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