Roland Chan | Rail Architect
Moxa Inc | Taiwan

Roland Chan, Rail Architect, Moxa Inc

Roland Chan has 13 years of Experience as an embedded system software developer in Ethernet networking at Moxa,  with the specialty in layer 2 and Layer 3 networking protocols.  During the first 6 years, he concentrated on networking solutions applied for power industry, such as IEEE 1588 and HSR/PRP protocols. Since 2008, he has been dedicated to developing railway-specific networking solutions. especially focusing on IEC 61375 technologies for train communication networks and Cybersecurity.


Day One @ 15:20

Adopting IEC 61375 in IP train communication networks

  • Benefits of adopting IEC 61375 technologies
  • Real case sharing
    • Case 1: Applying ETBN in onboard multimedia and train to ground systems
    • Case 2: Applying ETBN in separate TCMS and multimedia systems 

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