Robert Green | CEO
Commtel Network Solutions | Australia

Robert Green, CEO, Commtel Network Solutions

Robert as a Bachelors Degree in Electronics and Communications from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 1982 and commenced as Photonics Specialist and later a Research Engineer in the Automation and Control Group at the BHP Research Laboratories in Melbourne.
In 1986 was instrumental in the forming of the Olex Cables (Australia) - Optical Networks Group where he was responsible for technology development and project engineering for the modernisation of mission critical network solutions for rail, oil & gas and power utilities.
In 1998, founded CommTel Network Solutions based in Melbourne, Australia where he is currently the CEO and Chairman of the Board.
Robert has more than 30 years experience in advance communications systems for mission critical applications in electricity transmission & distribution, emergency services, oil & gas and rail networks. He has worked on mission critical network projects in many countries in APAC, Middle East and Europe.

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