Pierre Messulam | Vice President
S.N.C.F. Transilien | France

Pierre Messulam, Vice President, S.N.C.F. Transilien

Pierre Messulam has assumed the position of Vice President of Transilien SNCF since Feb 2014. He has more than 20 years of experience in the rail industry and his previous roles include:  2010- 2014 - Strategy, Innovation and regulation Director, SNCF
2004- 2010 - TGV Rhin Rhone project Director
2001-2004 - SNCF Regional Director, Paris South East Region
1998-2001 - SNCF Regional infrastructure director, Paris rive Gauche in charge of maintenance ingennering and operation
1994 – 1998 - Regional infrastructure manager, SNCF
1992 to 1994 - TGV workshop manager


Day Two @ 15:00

Big data methodology for operation and infrastructure design

  • Using big data analysis to test timetables compatibility with infrastructure design
  • How can big data help in improving the robustness of operations planning?
  • Overcoming challenges in working with big data – in terms of data processing and analysis 

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