Peter Lunden-Welden | Chief Executive Officer & President
Seoul Line 9 Operation Company | Republic Of Korea

Peter Lunden-Welden, Chief Executive Officer & President, Seoul Line 9 Operation Company

Peter Lunden-Welden is the CEO of Seoul Line 9 Operation Company as of March 28, 2014 located in Seoul, South Korea.  
He started his career in Stockholm Count Metro in 1974, and joined Veoila Transport in 1999. He was a Project Manager for the opening of Light Rail in Barcelona, Spain, and then Operation Director in Dublin, Ireland. 

Based on his proven record of operational leadership and strategy development, he joined Seoul Line 9 Operation Company in 2008 for the preparation of opening services and managed successful operation as Director of Operation Division for six years. 

Peter Lunden-Welden graduated from Stockholm Statens Normalskola College and the Stockholm School of Economics. He completed the Executive Development Program.

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