Paul Gwynn | Managing Director
INIT | Singapore

Paul Gwynn, Managing Director, INIT

Paul has Degrees in Electronics and Maths plus a MBA from the University of Sheffield.

Previously he was responsible for the Global Public Transport product portfolio at Tait Electronics (NZ) and responsible for systems such as London, Portland, San Francisco, Dublin, Pilzen, Nottingham, Zurich, and the French motorway network. Tait providing the communications systems delivering data and voice for ITS systems.

Paul has been a member of the UITP for the last 13 years, for 4 years he was the Chair of the UITP ITSI committee and member of the UITP Policy Board. Paul is currently Chair the UITP Cyber Security working group who are developing UITP strategy and a working cyber framework for members.

Paul is currently Managing Director of INIT Asia-Pacific based in Singapore. INIT is the German based leading supplier of integrated telematics and ticketing solutions for public transport worldwide. With regional systems deployed in Hong Kong, Singapore, Tasmania, Canterbury (NZ), Wellington and New Zealand - 9 Regional
Ticketing Systems.

Paul is a well-known speaker on Public Transport technology issues at UITP, APTA, BCA, BIC, Asia-Pacific Rail and various technology and education events globally.
Paul has campaigns for open data, interoperable standards for mobility and ticketing systems and cyber security in Public Transport.


Seminar Day One @ 11:30

Why you need a digital data architecture to build a successful public transport system

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