Ofelia Astrera | Chief, Technical Training/AFCS Office/IT Section
DOTC-MRT3 | Philippines

Ofelia Astrera, Chief, Technical Training/AFCS Office/IT Section, DOTC-MRT3

Ofelia Astrera is the Chief Transportation Development Officer of the Support Staff/AFCS Office/ Computer Section. Her accomplishments and responsibilities include: 

•    Led a successful implementation of the Contactless AFCS (Big-Bang) which placed the MRT3 as the first rail line to implement an AFCS in one Big-Bang (No phasing in/out from the old to the new system).

•    Spearheaded a company-wide innovation initiative resulting in the realization and completion of the following projects: 1) Improvement of the Local Area Network (LAN) and Creation of a Data Center; 2) Inter-connectivity and Wi-Fi Connectivity of all MRT3 Stations with Internet Connection; 3) Public Information System which serves as a media for MRT3 news and announcements and also a means for other government offices to highlight their activities; 4) Web-based Application System, which shows the actual queuing of passengers in all MRT3 stations at the MRT3 website, www.dotcmrt3.gov.ph. and 5) Initiated and enabled the development of in-house system developments which automated manual office and operations processes.


•    Headed the Training Section in delivering training to operations teams to ensure mastery of operations procedures and policies;
•    Completed training on-time 

Goal Setting:

•    Established clear objectives of the Division and communicated with the staff achieving a total understanding of the role of its division in the organization which motivated staff to perform; 

•    Established in-house systems i.e., Personal Data System, MRT Incident Tracking System, Concessionary Card System Web-based Gender and Development Monitoring Checklist System which is regarded as a state-of-the-start tool among the Department of Transportation’s sectors that is used in gauging the agency’s gender-responsiveness;  its uniqueness lies in its capability to compute automatically, the scores of each rail agency, giving the GAD Focal Point System as well as management to gauge its performance and will help improve the rail systems facilities and services. 


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Manila's Integrated Ticketing System and DOTr-MRT3 Best Practices

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