Dr Norman Frisch | Chairman of the eLTE Industry Alliance, Marketing Director, Enterprise Business Group and Transport Sector
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd | South Africa

Dr Norman Frisch, Chairman of the eLTE Industry Alliance,  Marketing Director, Enterprise Business Group and Transport Sector, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd

Mr. Norman Frisch is Marketing Director, Huawei Enterprise Business Group Transport
Sector where he is responsible for the development of Huawei’s strategies for ICT
innovation in the public safety, government and transport industry as well as for the
global business development of Huawei’s rail transport portfolio. In addition to his role as
spokesperson for Huawei’s Transport Sector, he is Spokesperson for Huawei’s Public
Safety sector, representing the company’s mission critical portfolio towards the Tetra and
Critical Communications Association, TCCA. He also leads multiple regional teams in a
strategic and commercial approach in the development of the regional critical
communications market and is Chairman of the eLTE Industry Alliance, an Industry
Association of 90+ companies that joined forces to promote the use of LTE technology in
the Mission Critical market.

Mr. Frisch joined Huawei in 2009 and has over 25 years of experience in management of
wireless telecommunication solutions in private sectors and governments internationally.
Prior to joining Huawei, Norman held various positions in the telecommunication sector
for public sectors, manufacturers, the German Ministry of Telecommunications, and
German Railways. He has also been Speaker of the GSM-R Industry Group for a number
of years and is Fellow Member of the Institute of Railway Signal Engineers, IRSE.
Mr. Frisch first started in the development of telecommunication solutions in the mission
critical communications sector as Team Leader in the Mobile radio for Railway Networks
in Europe (MORANE) project back in 1997. The MORANE project, in cooperation with
the International Union of Railways (UIC) and the European Integrated Railway Radio
Enhanced Network Project (EIRENE), gave rise to the globally recognized standard of
GSM for Railway (GSM-R) a wireless mobile trunking system widely deployed for
mission critical rail communication.

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