Ms Norlia Noah | Head of Rail CAPEX
Prasarana Integrated Management & Engineering Services Sdn Bhd (PRIME) | Malaysia

Ms Norlia Noah, Head of Rail CAPEX, Prasarana Integrated Management & Engineering Services Sdn Bhd (PRIME)

Norlia has been in the manufacturing and rail industry for more than 26 years with hands on experience in new plant set up, engineering design, project management, testing & commissioning and revenue maintenance & operation of passenger rail services. The vast expansion of public transport network in Malaysia has enabled her to develop her career goal with solid experience in rolling stock, wayside systems and infrastructure projects in public transport. 
Norlia has started the works on the LRT3 project since 2013, her involvements are from Feasibility Study, Stakeholders engagements, Public Inspection, LRT3 Railway Scheme, Procurement Strategy, the alignment, stations & depot which are at design and tendering stages while ensuring compliance to concept and requirements set for LRT3 operation. 
Norlia has been sharing and developing her expertise with NEMIC LAMBDA, STAR LRT, PRASARANA (PRIME & PRAISE) since 1990.

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