Michele Barbagli | Area Sales Manager Rail Systems
Fogtec Brandschutz Gmbh | Germany

Michele Barbagli, Area Sales Manager Rail Systems, Fogtec Brandschutz Gmbh

Michele Barbagli is Area Sales Manager in FOGTEC Brandschutz GmbH, a leading provider of fire protection solutions for the railway transport. He joined the company in 2009, and before this, he had experiences in the in the technical office of a regional railway operator and of a bus transport company. He holds a Bachelor a Master of Engineering from the University of Florence, Italy, as well as a Project Management Professional certification from Project Management Institute. He has relevant experience in transport operations, rolling stock and infrastructure engineering, and a specialized experience in development, fire testing and approval of fire protection systems. He is member of international committees and ambassador of the International Monorail Association. Beside a rich list of papers, articles and lectures, is the author of the book “Rolling Stock and Fire Protection, an Overview of Aspects, Solutions and Requirements”.


Seminar Day One @ 16:30

Fire protection systems for metro and high speed rolling stock

  • On-board fire and fire-related risks in railway transport
  • Active fire detection and firefighting solutions to ensure passengers’ safety
  • Examples of solutions

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