Ms Manying Hu | TOD Manager
Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (China) | China

Ms Manying Hu, TOD Manager, Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (China)

In 2006, Manying was engaged by lʼAtelier Parisien dʼUrbanisme and was involved in bike sharing project-”VELIB” in Paris, and urban design project “Gare des mines” in the 18th district of Paris.In the same year Manying received a Masters, DPEA in Urban Design from Ecole Nationale SuperieuredʼArchitecture de Paris-Belleville.

After the return from France, in 2007,she joined GDI again and works as chef architect on architectural project, the important finished project is “Liede urban village redevelopment project” in CBD of GZ.

Since early 2009, she has worked as urban development consultant with ITDP. With the experience for working in the non-profit organization, she keeps promoting the sustainable urban development/design concepts and in knowledge of methodology for mobility oriented and people oriented developments.

She has worked on TOD mixed-use projects since 2013, “the Grand city” project in Guangzhou is under construction, which was planned and designed according to TOD standard. This project will be finished by 2019.

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