Mr Luvsandagva Purevbaatar | Advisor to the Chairman & Mega Projects Leader
Ulan-Bator Railway | Mongolia

Mr Luvsandagva Purevbaatar, Advisor to the Chairman & Mega Projects Leader, Ulan-Bator Railway

Past Positions: 
•    Chief engineer of the Ulaanbaatar Railway Joint stock company UBTZ (Darkhan) entities, 1984-1993
•    Head, project specialist, engineer of the of the UBTZ Foreign relation department and International project at the UBTZ, 1994-1999
•    Director of the UBTZ tourism and cooperation center, 1999-2000 
•    General Director of the “Master net” Co Ltd,  2000-2004
•    First vice president of UBTZ, 2004-2006
•    Engineer, chief engineer of the UBTZ Locomotive, 2006-2007
•    Vice president of the UBTZ production-auxiliary activities and rolling stocks, 2007-2009
•    Vice chairman of the Mongolia Railway Agency of Government of Mongolia  2008-2012
•    Chairman and CEO Ulaanbaatar Railway joint stock company 2014-2016
•    Honorary President of the Railway Engineering association 2016 - present 
•    Head of the UBTZ’s double line “Bogdkhan bypass railway” project

•    Intergovernmental projects on the railway sector development (grants and loans, introduction of the new technology and optimization)
•    Consultancy service in the reforms and cooperation domain
•    Financial and commercial business structure development

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