Mr Leo Mak | Director of Systems for KVMRT Project
MMC-Gamuda | Malaysia

Mr Leo Mak, Director of Systems for KVMRT Project, MMC-Gamuda

Leo Mak is the Director of Systems of the MMC Gamuda JV, the Project Delivery Partner of the Klang Valley MRT Project of Malaysia. He has been leading the development of the KVMRT Systems projects since its beginning in year 2010. The MRT network, on completion, will have three fully automatic MRT lines of more than 150km route length and 100 stations to serve the Greater Kuala Lumpur.

Over his 35 years of career in railways, he was in charge of the maintenance of the HK MTR rolling stock in the eighties, and thereafter, managed the Tuen Mun LRT Project, Kowloon-Guangzhou Through-Train Modernization Project, West Rail Systems Projects, Taiwan High Speed Rail O&M Start-up Training and the Yong-In Rapid Transit System O&M Start-up in South Korea.

Leo holds a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and also an M.B. A. degree.

He is a Chartered Engineer and is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology and the Institute of Mechanical Engineering of UK and the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.

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