Lakthan Thongnopakoon | Assistant Managing Director (Project Engineering Group)
Bangkok Expressway and Metro Public Company Limited | Thailand

Lakthan Thongnopakoon, Assistant Managing Director (Project Engineering Group), Bangkok Expressway and Metro Public Company Limited

Lakthan is the Assistant Managing Director, Engineering and Maintenance of BEM. BEM is a co-investor and the concessionaire operator of the MRT Chaloem Ratchamongkhon Line (Blue Line) and the under-constructed MRT Purple Line.
The Blue Line as well as the Purple Line are PPP projects. The government section by Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) invested in Civil Infrastructure part. While, the private sector (BEM) invested in M&E Equipment. After the construction completed, MRTA handed-over the Civil Infrastructure to BEM, then BEM operates and maintains the systems to provide revenue service. The Blue Line started its revenue service in mid of 2004 and the Purple Line will be open for revenue service in August this year (2016).
Lakthan obtained his Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from Chulalongkorn University. He has 15 years experience in electrical equipment and system including power generation and distribution system for petrochemical plant and petroleum refinery.
Lakthan joined BMCL at the beginning of 2003 as M&E Maintenance Section Chief. Mid of 2003, he was assigned to be Safety and Quality Manager. Lakthan was re-assigned to be Engineering and Maintenance Manager at the beginning of 2006, and then be Deputy Operations Director at the beginning of 2008.
Mid of 2012, Lakthan was promoted to be Vice President, Engineering and Maintenance. Early of 2014, he became Assistant Managing Director, to oversee the Engineering and Maintenance Group, which is responsible for asset management activities including new lines and extension projects.
At the end of 2015, BMCL merged with Bangkok Expressway Public Company Limited (BECL) and became BEM.


Day One @ 11:50

Integrating an asset management plan into an extension project – A case study on extending the 15-year Blue Line metro system

  •     What are key technical decisions to be made in order to complete the project within a tight schedule?  
  •     What are key factors in consideration whether to replace the old signalling and communication equipment with new technologies or not?
  •     How has an asset management plan integrated into an extension project? 

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