Kitipat Supakleelakul | Engineering and Maintenance Director
Bangkok Expressway and Metro Public Company Limited | Thailand

Kitipat Supakleelakul, Engineering and Maintenance Director, Bangkok Expressway and Metro Public Company Limited

Mr. Kitipat is Director Engineering and Maintenance Department of BEM (Rail Business). BEM (Rail Business) is a co-investor and the concessionaire operator of the M.R.T Blue Line and the M.R.T Purple Line in Bangkok which have been operated since 2004 for M.R.T Blue Line and 2016 for M.R.T Purple Line.
Mr. Kitipat graduated Bachelor degree in Instrument Engineer from King Mongkuit Industry Institute of Ladkrabang in 1995 and then obtained his Master degree in Advanced Control System Engineer from UMIST (England) in 1998. He started his career with the Rail Business around year 2000 as a System Engineer responded for Signalling and PSD system on the M.R.T Blue Line Project. Currently, he has worked as Director of Engineering and Maintenance Department since 2014.
Mr. Kitipat has experience in the M&E system especially signalling system for over 7 years during his work as an Engineer which involved not only design phase but also maintenance phase. And as a Maintenance Management responsibility, he also involve in the Energy Management and the Asset Management to implement those concept in both in-house maintenance and out-sourced maintenance in the M.R.T System.


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Ensuring sustainable railway operations through energy saving practices

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