Kholel Manaf | General Manager, Fleet Maintenance and Engineering
Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad | Malaysia

Kholel Manaf, General Manager, Fleet Maintenance and Engineering, Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad

Mr. Kholel Manaf has been with KTMB for 22 years in the following positions: 

•    2017 to present – General manager Fleet Engineering 

Oversees maintenance on all rolling stock and other equipment that minimizes downtime and cost and maximizes overall plant efficiency including manage the new project of rolling stock and depot.

•    2012 – Senior Manager Rolling Stock Maintenance of Electric Train Set 

Carried out the day-to-day maintenance, servicing and repair on rolling stock including develop and review standard maintenance practices to drive continuous improvement in availability and reliability

•    2006 – Depot Rolling Stock Maintenance Manager

Lead and managed the maintenance activities to meet reliability target by monitoring train set performance and implementing necessary corrective action

•    2003 – Purchasing and Production Control

Planned the maintenance activity and procurement of the spare part. 

•    1999 – Warranty and Quality Assurance Engineer

Lead the quality maintenance of Electric Train Set and system in order to improve and reduce the system failure. 

•    1997 – Engineering Commissioning

Carried out testing and commissioning for Electric Train set. 

•    1995 – Executive Electrification Control Room 

Monitored and maintained the continuity of electrical supply 25Kv single phase switching operations in the electrification system. 


Day Two @ 15:40

Re-engineering of Traction System for Rolling Stock: The KTMB Experience

  •     How can productivity be increased, particularly in human resources? 
  •     What are the benefits gained in adopting smart practices?
  •     What are the cost savings gained in centralizing control?  

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