Dr Kerati Kijmanawat | President
PSK Consultants Co., Ltd. | Thailand

Dr Kerati Kijmanawat, President, PSK Consultants Co., Ltd.

Dr.Kerati Kijmanawat is skilled as logistic network planner, transportation infrastructure planner as well as urban and regional transportation planner.  He has received several awards for his achievements, notably the Furuichi Award for excellence research achievement from Department of Civil Engineering, University of Tokyo and outstanding research award from the 4th International Summer Symposium of Japan Society of Civil Engineering.  In his early career, Dr.Kerati has received practical experiences in mass transit and logistic planning for Asian countries especially in Thailand, Japan and China from his participation in development projects carried out by Pacific Consultants International (Japan), the University of Tokyo, and other private consultation firms. 


Dr.Kerati is currently working as founder and president of PSK consultants, which is one of the leading transport planning firms in Thailand.  His notable work experience includes the planning and implementation of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Bangkok, Feasibility Study of Purple Line Railway Mass Transit, Feasibility Study of Southern Seaboard Landbridge and drafting of National Green Transport Master Plan.  His current client includes Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning undert Ministry of Transport Thailand, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration as well as international organizations such as UNESCAP.  In his professional capacity, Dr.Kerati also serves as the chairman of academic committee of Thailand Society for Transportation and Traffic, which focused on tackling issues in transportation development in Thailand and Asian countries.


Dr.Kerati also play an active role in political society, he serves as advisor to Committee on National Transportation under house of representative, which tackle issues on effectiveness of national transport strategy and monitoring performance of various agencies under Ministry of Transport.  His most notable work is on the Sub-Committee on Reform of National Railway Crossing in which he provide recommendation on improvement of 2,500 railway crossing nationwide to reduce the traffic accident and his role as a Sub-Committee on National Highway Recovery in which he recommend several improvement scheme for national highway network.  Dr.Kerati is also currently serving as advisor to Committee on Monetary, Finance, Banking and Financial Institutions under house of representative, which tackle issues on effectiveness of foreign loan to fund the construction of mega projects in Thailand such as new mass transit lines and expansion of Suvarnabhumi airport.  He is also served as member of Thailand National Board of Land Use Planning.  This board is responsible for approval of comprehensive land use plan submitted by local authorities nationwide.

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