Juergen Maier-Gyomlay | Head Inernational Affairs & Projects
BLS | Switzerland

Juergen Maier-Gyomlay, Head Inernational Affairs & Projects, BLS

Juergen has 8 years of experience in BLS AG involved in political affairs (national and intermodal), especially EU-policy. He's also involved in associations work e.g UIC and supports the CEO of BLS as UIC Chairman (Europe), further acting in different freight corridor activities and the so called CEO Task Force in freight to support an improved railway sector. Prior to that, Juergen spent 3 years in project, risk management and business development in BLS Cargo. He first started out in career in the aviation industry before transitioning to the railway industry. 



Day One @ 14:40

Towards sustainable rail freight operations: A case study on BLS Cargo

  •     What political and strategical  initiatives have been put in place to improve operations and efficiency?
  •     Raising freight volumes to maximise value and customer satisfaction delivered from freight service
  •     How has technology and process help to improve performance, productivity and profitability? 

Day One @ 15:40

Rail Freight Leaders Panel: Perspectives into industry dynamics and global emerging trends

  • What role does rail play in intermodal freight
  • How should authorities and operators be collaborating to deliver end-to-end freight services?
  • Accelerating the rail freight network in the region to gain greater market share
  • What are the key challenges towards achieving sustainable development?


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