Jayantha Gunathilake | ADD.SECRETARY
Ministry Of Highways, Sri Lanka | Sri Lanka

Jayantha Gunathilake, ADD.SECRETARY, Ministry Of Highways, Sri Lanka

Eng. G.J.C. Gunathilake , Additional Secretary (Engineering) in Ministry of Higher education and Highways , Sri Lanka. Holding a degree in civil engineering, he has spent 32 years directly involved in the maintain and rehabilitation of roads, Building, rail and bridges.

He is currently, directing the new road development project including Expressway of Ministry of Highways, Ports and shipping for the proposed road extension projects and bridge rehabilitation projects involving feasibility studies.

After 10 years spent in the way and work sub department of the Sri Lanka railway as a District Engineer, he joined ABV rock group in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1992 and served 2 years. In 1996 he joined KL consult Sdn Bhd, Malayasia and served as a Resident Engineer in Petronas Fertilizer Kedha Project until 1999.

Specialist of project planning, contract administration he has been leading a team of engineers on project implementation of Sri Lanka southern road developments and the proposed railway line in Northern – East expressway in Sri Lanka’


Day Two @ 15:00

Modernisation and expansion of Sri Lanka’s railways

  •     Upcoming developments in Sri Lanka – Proposed Railway Electrification Project & Light Rail Transit in Colombo
  •     Optimising existing resources to improve mainline efficiency
  •     How will Sri Lanka Railways continue to modernize the railways and raise passenger and freight volumes? 

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