Ian Whitton | Industry Director - Rail
AECOM | Australia

Ian Whitton, Industry Director - Rail, AECOM

Ian is an Executive Director with AECOM. He has been working most of his 30 year career in design of transport infrastructure, specializing in railways and station design in Asia and Australia for the last 20 years.  He is currently working as Project Manager for the Technical Advisor on the Sydney Metro – City & Southwest Project (Australia’s largest ever public transport project). Prior to this he was Project Director for the Railway Development Study in Hong Kong, where he has lived for close to 25 years. In recent years he has worked on metro, freight, Automatic People Mover, monorail, and high speed rail projects.


Day One @ 11:29

Conference Chair

Day One @ 15:00

Rail Freight Leaders Panel: Perspectives into industry dynamics and global emerging trends

  • What role does rail play in intermodal freight
  • How should authorities and operators be collaborating to deliver end-to-end freight services?
  • Accelerating the rail freight network in the region to gain greater market share
  • What are the key challenges towards achieving sustainable development?


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