Mr Hirofumi Tanaka | Assistant Senior Researcher
Railway Technical Research Institute | Japan

Mr Hirofumi Tanaka, Assistant Senior Researcher, Railway Technical Research Institute

Mr. Hirofumi Tanaka is an assistant senior researcher of the track geometry & maintenance laboratory in Track Technology Division of Railway Technical Research Institute (RTRI) in Japan.
Mr. Tanaka joined RTRI in 2005, and consistently afterwards, he has been researching the detection and maintenance technique of rail surface irregularity with short wavelength, for example rail corrugation and rail welded joint.
His main topic of research is a signal processing technique of on-board measured data and track condition evaluation by using the data, for instance axle-box acceleration and internal noise.
Recently, he is researching the generating mechanism of the rail corrugation too.
In addition, for practical use, he is developing a various measurement devices for rail corrugation management.

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