Heung Ling Liu | Senior Industry Solutions Manager, Enterprise Business Group and Transport Sector
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. | South Africa

Heung Ling Liu, Senior Industry Solutions Manager, Enterprise Business Group and Transport Sector, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

HL Liu is a senior industry solution manager of Transportation for Huawei’s Enterprise Business Group, where he supports end-to-end ICT market development, research and sales in railway industry. 
Mr. Liu has more than 18 years of experience in railway systems and involved in major railway projects in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China with emphasize in Integrated Supervision & Control Systems and Fare Collection system. In addition, he has extensive experience in interface design, system migration and system integration with various railway systems.


Day One @ 14:40

Cloud-based Integrated Platform – Supporting data correlation, big data applications, predictive maintenance and energy saving

Huawei present insights into the railway cloud solutions that providing a comprehensive & stable integrated platform for railway operation. On top of that, solution partners can develop various new railway application for predictive maintenance, passenger flow forecast and energy saving based on data correlation of systems, machine learning and big data mining technologies.
  • Huawei railway cloud architecture introduction
  • Data is big and need put it on cloud for better usage
  • Dig out valued data for supporting railway operation and improving customer satisfactory.
  • Ideas sharing in predictive maintenance and energy saving. 

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