Harvey Markour | Asset Management Deputy Director
Systra | France

Harvey Markour, Asset Management Deputy Director, Systra

Harvey is an international railway engineer combining O&M experience with consulting and engineering capabilities. He has been supporting infrastructure owners to develop and manage their assets along all their lifecycle. He is now in charge of leveraging data and SYSTRA railway expertise to boost asset management practices. He's a former SNCF manager (SNCF is the French national railway company operating and maintaining 50 000 kms of tracks and 2 000 kms of HSL). 


Seminar Day One @ 12:00

BIM & Asset Management

Asset management is an emerging and essential science for rail operators and infrastructure managers, enhanced by the digital revolution raised by data management capacities and monitoring technologies. At the same time Building Information Modelling (BIM) is changing technical project practices. An important issue is to coordinate efforts and to consider how to make BIM converge and contribute to asset management digital tools, especially supported by a common asset data model. This speech will illustrate how Systra is working together with infra operators on major projects (Paris Metro and RER) to develop this coordinated approach and contribute to new standards.  

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