Craig Winfrey | Head of Services, Southeast Asia
Bombardier Transportation | Singapore

Craig Winfrey, Head of Services, Southeast Asia, Bombardier Transportation

Craig Winfrey is the Head of Services for Bombardier Transportation’s Southeast Asia rail business.
He is based in Thailand where he leads a growing, dynamic team which currently specialises in
providing innovative and industry-leading services solutions across the region.
He began his career with Boeing where he held several positions as Manufacturing Engineer and
Sales Director for Europe before becoming Managing Director for Asia Pacific and India in 2011,
driving Boeing Global Services successes in the region while addressing systemic business
With Craig’s extensive experience and achievements in services, his focus is to provide sustainable
rail operations across Southeast Asia in helping customers minimize operation costs and maximize
revenue generation over an extended asset lifetime, while continue to expand Bombardier’s
expertise, creativity, market knowledge and vision to continuously improve reliability, maintainability
and safety while supporting and strengthening sustainable rail transport.
Craig joined Bombardier Transportation in 2017. He holds a Masters Degree in Aeronautical Science
from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and a PhD in Organizational Behaviour from Walden
University. His other professional certifications include a Bachelors Degree in Marketing
Management from Park University and certificates in International Studies from Stanford University.
All Universities located in the USA.


Day One @ 12:10

Achieving World Class Fleet Performance by Improving Life Cycle Cost; Value of Services and its’ Expansion in Southeast Asia

  •     Highest levels of availability and reliability through a management maintenance program
  •     Optimal operational efficiency and lower costs with improved material and repair management
  •     Improved environmental performance with data analytics and data prognostics 

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