Mr Biren Parmar | Director of Finance
MEGA | India

Mr Biren Parmar, Director of Finance, MEGA

Biren Parmar is the Director (Finance) at Ahmedabad Metro Rail Company - SPV of Government of India and Government of Gujarat Company.

His previous work experience includes:

  1. Director (Finance) of Ahmedabad Metro Rail Company –SPV of Government of India and Government of Gujarat Company
  2. Audit of Gujarat State Government, PSUs and their finances on behalf of CAG of India
  3. Audit of Government of India(Scientific Departments) and Central Autonomous bodies
  4. Financial Advisor & Additional Secretary to Water Resources and Water Supply Departments of Gujarat Government
  5. Worked with Public Account Committees on behalf of CAG
  6. Worked as Director of GWRDC and MGVGCL and Expert Member of GWSSB
  7. Audit of South Central Railway Zone’s functions and activities

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