Andrew Shields | Project Director
Farrells | Hong Kong

Andrew Shields, Project Director, Farrells

Over the past 30 years’ Andrew has lived and worked in London, Tokyo and Hong Kong with significant stints in New Delhi, Singapore and currently, Sydney. He has been involved in a wide variety of architectural typologies in all of those locations as well as in quite a few others  besides. 
However, for over 20 years, his abiding interest has been with rail and infrastructure projects. He believes that this work, perhaps more than any other, has the power to positively transform our cities in a sustainable way. He has experience in station and depot design at a variety of scales from APM to metro to HSR. He helped to lead the design of Guangzhou South Station, among the largest HSR stations anywhere, and was instrumental in the design of the new HSR terminus station in Singapore. 
Andrew has worked for Farrells in Hong Kong since 2005. During his time there he has had the opportunity to develop his interest in sustainability through developing HK’s pioneering model of high density TOD. Andrew was first involved in this in the mid 90’s when he was the architectural consultant to the HK Government’s feasibility study for the Ma On Shan railway, where property development was the commercial driver of the development of a series of completely new towns centred on stations along the Shing Mun River in HK’s New Territories.
This interest continues to the present and Andrew is now the lead architect for the multidisciplinary team helping Transport for New South Wales make the business case for the next section of Metro for Sydney between the CBD and Parramata. 


Seminar Day One @ 15:00

High Speed Rail Station Design as Development Catalyst

This session will include a review of the development of the HSR Terminus Building Type and its relationship to urban development with case studies including Beijing South, Guangzhou South and the current design of the Singapore HSR.

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