HE Abdul Mohsin Ibrahim Younes | CEO of Rail Agency
Roads and Transport Authority | United Arab Emirates

HE Abdul Mohsin Ibrahim Younes, CEO of Rail Agency, Roads and Transport Authority

Mr. AbdulMohsin Ibrahim Younes has 25 years of senior and leading positions in the public sector. He is currently leading The Rail Agency in the role of Chief Executive for the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai. Previously he was the Chief Executive Officer of the Strategy and Corporate Governance Sector (SCG) for the same authority. Being fully committed to RTA’s vision, “Safe and smooth transport for all”, and being in a leading role at RTA allowed him to define and direct RTA’s strategic direction towards a totally-integrated transportation solution in support of Dubai’s long-term Strategic Development Plan. 

At The Rail Agency he is currently overseeing a number of important and prestigious projects most prominent of which is the 10.6 Billion UAE Dirham Route 2020 project. Previously, he played a significant role in the launch of Dubai Metro and Dubai Tram. Notably, he managed the initiatives, and their execution, for achieving substantial financial returns on RTA’s investments through Dubai Metro Stations Naming Rights initiative and Public Private Partnership initiative.  He also managed the Integration of Dubai Tram with the surrounding area and with other modes of transport. 

Mr. AbdulMohsin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of United Arab Emirates, Al Ain, U.A.E (1991) and is a graduate of Mohammed Bin Rashid Leadership Development Program. He has also completed numerous high level training programs in leadership and technical certification.


Day One @ 09:40

Keynote Interview: Abdul Mohsin Ibrahim Younes, Chief Executive Officer, Rail Agency, Roads and Transport Authority

Dubai's rail transport journey and beyond

Day One @ 09:55

Rail Leaders' Panel

    wing the interviews, our rail leaders will gather on a panel to explore the big issues affecting rail operators all around the world. Issues for discussion include:     
  •     How can rail authorities and operators work more closely with each other to enhance service reliability and passenger satisfaction?    
  •     What is a sustainable and profitable model to manage rail development and daily operations?    
  •     With the expansion of rail networks in the next decade, what can be done to build up our rail engineering capabilities and workforce?    
  •     How can we deliver more capacity through the effective use of staff, assets and systems?    
  •     The urban mobility landscape is evolving with on-mobility demand services and new technologies, how can rail operators respond to this changing landscape? 

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