Iscom Spa


ISCOM and Riverclack®: sheltering a world on the move.
Founded in 1964, ISCOM was amongst Italy’s pioneers in the use of aluminum alloys for roofing and cladding systems. The quest for a roofing system that would solve the problems inherent in traditional metal roofing led in 1987 to the creation of the Riverclack® system, a revolution in roofing technology.
Quick to install and combining high performance with minimal maintenance, the Riverclack® system is particularly suited to high-end and large scale projects, making us an ideal specialist partner in providing roofing solutions for Airports and Railways stations.
Engineering, design, testing and manufacturing are fully “Made in Italy”. In addition, our technical support team offer comprehensive assistance from concept to completion, and unique transportable production units, strategically located in the five continents, allow us to assure the high quality, timely and cost effective service for which ISCOM and Riverclack® are renowned worldwide.