Braillon Magnetics


Since 1921, Braillon Magnetics has designed and manufactured quality magnetic systems for the industry around the world. Braillon has expert knowledge in all magnetic applications, which include Machine Tool work holding and Magnetic Lifting. Both applications have become a true necessity for the Rail industry.
Over the past 30 years, Braillon has worked closely with many railroad companies to provide the best rail machining experience possible. Manufacturing rail Switch Points with a Braillon magnetic rail clamping system has helped companies save time during setup and increase safety on the shop floor. These magnetic Clamping systems are custom made for the customer’s needs and rail types. The use of a magnetic system allows the machine tool to have access to all sides of the rail and reduce vibration during the machining process. Magnetic Rail Clamping Systems are used for Milling, Planning and even Drilling of the rail. 
Lifting magnets made by Braillon has allowed the rail industry to lift and handle rail safely and efficiently with their Electro permanent Technology.


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