Beena Vision


Beena Vision Systems Inc. is the leading manufacturer of vision-based automatic wayside inspection systems for the railroad industry. Over the past sixteen years, Beena Vision has pioneered and developed a number of innovative products using sophisticated machine vision and non-contact measurement technologies. Our wayside train condition monitoring systems are designed and manufactured for the most demanding applications. Systems are available for Wheel Profile, Brake (Block and Pad/Disc), Spring, Coupler and Running Gear, Wheel Surface condition plus other specialized inspection routines.
Train operators and Rail infrastructure companies are using the Beena Vision systems throughout the world including the countries of USA, Canada, Brasil, China, Saudi Arabia, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Finland and Sweden. 
Designed and manufactured by Beena Vision the technology is managed by the Beena developed software suite known as CMMS – this software provides powerful data management tools and is ideally suited for integration with business management software applications.