Huawei Technologies at Asia Pacific Rail 2017


Huawei Technologies

This time, Huawei is going to exhibit two solutions: (1) Digital Urban Rail Solutions and (2) Digital Railway Operational Communication Solutions. Huawei is committed to providing smart rail solutions for the entire industry, including Digital Railway, Smart Mass Transit, and Intelligent Transport Systems. Our secure communications, mobile broadband, HD video surveillance, and integrated data centers power the industry. Dont miss out on the booth giveaways and in-booth photo taking experience with a rail related scenario stimulation

Signalling, Communications & Network Infrastructure

Traffic Control Technology at Asia Pacific Rail 2017


Traffic Control Technology

TCT is devoted to providing multi-element signal system solutions for better rail transit. During this exhibition, TCT will provide the signal system solution compatible with multiple systems for the public to open the new era of interconnection. Visit Booth F01 and find out more! Do not miss our the affiliated meeting, Re-signalling Project: Innovation & Practice, place at 12:00, 21 March and keynote speech in the main meeting, Rail transit signaling system history & development trend in China, place at 09:50, 22 March

Signalling, Communications & Network Infrastructure

Bombardier Transportation at Asia Pacific Rail 2017


Bombardier Transportation

Bombardier will showcase its OPTIFLO solution on Infrastructure Management Service, which uses hardware and software to capture and analyse diagnostic and performance data from signalling systems and products at our booth at E06. Don’t miss out on our live demonstration at 10:30am on 22nd March on how to drive continuous improvements in availability and efficiency of maintenance activities! Join us now.

Operations & Maintenance, Rolling Stock, Signalling, Communications & Network Infrastructure

MOXA at Asia Pacific Rail 2017



Moxa will showcase its latest innovative solutions, which include IP solutions for both trackside and onboard train applications, such as tailored WiFI CBTC, TCMS, CCTV network, and wired and wireless train networks.

Rolling Stock

Thales Transport & Security  at Asia Pacific Rail 2017



You will be able to transport yourself into the Thales world through a digital wall experience and discover our entire portfolio of systems, products, solutions and references. Additionally, we will showcase our innovative Passenger Flow Analytics solution that is designed and developed to assist our customers to enhance its service to passengers in modelising the journey patterns. Our big data platform analyzes mobility dynamics across the entire transport network at a minimal time interval and drives transit authorities to measure and improve the quality of the service provided. Join us at stand D05.

Signalling, Communications & Network Infrastructure

NOKIA at Asia Pacific Rail 2017



At Nokia booth, we will describe our solution and strategy for railways industry. From LTE for railway and GSMR to IP/MPLS solution including connected mobility and end-to-end cybersecurity. Visit us at booth F12 for a live demo of our LTE-4G for rail – A network supporting operational services like CCTV on-board, PMR and driver look-ahead video and multimedia passenger services as well as a multi-services IP/MPLS network supporting both mission-critical and less vital services on a single networking infrastructure with quality of service and traffic segregation.

Signalling, Communications & Network Infrastructure

TÜV Rheinland at Asia Pacific Rail 2017


TÜV Rheinland

TÜV Rheinland Global Rail is a truly international world leader providing first class services for the entire rail industry around the globe, with office locations in 40 cities across 20 countries. Join us at Booth D07 to learn about our latest solutions on Cybersecurity and Big Data Analysis for Railway Application.

Testing & Certification

LaborexRail at Asia Pacific Rail 2017



LaborexRail will be showcasing our latest railway vacuum wastewater systems (CET systems), vacuum cleaners, cleaning cabinets, cleaning systems and blasting cabinets for rolling stock. Visit Booth D06 and find out more!"

Rolling Stock

Beijing Jiaxun Feihong at Asia Pacific Rail 2017


Beijing Jiaxun Feihong

Discover Jiaxun Feihong’s intelligent convergence communication solution at Asia Pacific Rail 2017. Learn about our smart dispatching, disaster prevention, and intelligent onsite schedule management solutions etc. at our booth. Our products are widely applied to rail transit and communication fields in China and 11 countries all over the world. We also bring UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) which is a world’s leading micro aerial vehicledesigned to perform aerial tasks in different fields. Please feel free to visit us at our stand (G03) anytime, it’s our honor to present our products and achievements with detail.

Signalling, Communications & Network Infrastructure

CRRC at Asia Pacific Rail 2017



CRRC will be showcasings it latest rolling stock models at the event. Come by booth C01 and check out the Shunting Locomotive for Hongkong, Metro Vehicle for HongKong, Sky Railway Train, China Standard EMU, Beijing Metro Line 14 and China's First 160km/h Meter-gauge EMU Exported (Electric Train Set for Malaysia!

Rolling Stock

Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd at Asia Pacific Rail 2017


Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd

The theme of our exhibition is around the rail transit and its surrounding industries to provide products and solutions. The key solution is the total solution of the Rail Transit Monitoring. Which include mobile monitoring, site monitoring & annalistic, duty & enforcement and VMS intergrade. Dont miss out on our Face detection & face recognition live demos and lucky draws!

Rolling Stock

SYSTRA at Asia Pacific Rail 2017



With its contribution to half of the existing LRT/MRT around the world, SYSTRA has definitely something to bring for you: either for designing innovative transportation systems, or for improving your operations & maintenance, or just help you get more from your assets. If you come to our stand, we will show you our latest innovations such as the Silent Rack, high performance concrete viaducts, adaptive stations,… and of course our famous U shaped viaduct.


TÜV SÜD at Asia Pacific Rail 2017



At TÜV SÜD’s booth B04, we will be showcasing our leading safety, quality and cyber security services. From predictive analytics with artificial intelligence for railway, signalling, refurbishment, rolling stock & rail infrastructure, IoT systems and virtual testing of autonomous transportation to custom services for Urban rail, High-speed and conventional rail, we’ve got something for you. Join us for Live Demo of Predictive Analytics with Artificial Intelligence for Railway and learn how can reliability be improved with machine-learning advanced analytics for rail.

Testing & Certification

CMC Group at Asia Pacific Rail 2017



Adopting the right technologies has become a pivotal task for transport operators and asset owners to ensure a reliable, safe and cost-effective public transport operations and infrastructural asset management. CMC has launched our Industry 4.0 initiatives to support our clients to achieve the above objectives. With our proven track records in railway system works, in addition to collaboration with reputable technology partners, we leverage on digital platform and technologies (such as Internet of Things, Data Analytics, Mobility and Cloud computing) to provide cutting-edge solutions that will allow our customers to be more efficient, adaptable and agile - ultimately providing the best passenger experience.Don't miss out on the live demos of Smart OCC and Energy Management Software at their booth D15

Signaling, communication, power systems, station equipments and track

Access-IS at Asia Pacific Rail 2017



AsiaPacificRail will showcase Access-IS’ latest ticket readers and validators for rail, light rail and bus. Designed for simple, intuitive use, they quickly and easily read barcodes from paper or smartphones while also reading RFID/NFC media from the same point of presentation. Access-IS’ products allow operators to keep passenger throughput maximised, with media presented in any orientation, for a lightning fast read; first time, every time. With thousands of installations globally and recent high profile AFC projects including validators and OEM units for rail/metro turnstiles and TVMs in China, Norway, USA, UK and UAE, Access-IS products are a risk-free investment for operators.

Automated Fare Collection & Revenue Management Systems

Amadeus IT Group at Asia Pacific Rail 2017


Amadeus IT Group

Amadeus Rail delivers passenger rail technology solutions that connect railways' systems together and with the rest of the travel ecosystem. With RAILyourWAY, railways can modernise, change parts or their entire inventory, pricing or reservation systems, sell other rail operators from their own website and connect to major travel websites or traditional travel agencies both domestically and abroad.

We will be showcasing our solutions, from Rail Display to Web Services and Air-Rail Display. Visit us at booth D14 and check out how our technology can support your business. Don’t miss our lucky draw where you can win an iWatch

Rail IT & Enterprise Solutions

Axon Vibe at Asia Pacific Rail 2017


Axon Vibe

Axon Vibe delivers an AI-powered travel assistant for a seamless and exciting mobile experience of public transport users. Comprehensive customer insights are gained through our smart location analytics and enable public transport operators to apply a direct and personalised communication channel to their passengers. Our solutions integrate into existing mobile applications and facilitate ticketless travel as well as contextual cross-selling along the extended travel chain. Join us at our booth to find out more.

Smart Travel Assistance & Seamless Ticketing

AZTI at Asia Pacific Rail 2017



We will be showcasing our "PIES®/IPS™, Platform Intrusion Emergency Stop system is a reliable system with the longest operating record globally since 1985. It is a cost effective system that meets your safety requirements to detect passengers falling onto the tracts, requires minimum and skilled manpower with the lowest operating cost. Visit our booth to find out more

Signalling, Communications & Network Infrastructure

BAORUH Electronic Co., Ltd. at Asia Pacific Rail 2017


BAORUH Electronic Co., Ltd.

BAORUH Electronic Co., Ltd. will be showcasing our Multi-SAM High Speed NFC Smartcard Validator, AFC Total Solution for all kind of Public Transportation , Reader module for Gate, Ticket Vending machine, Top-up machine, Reload Machine and more at our booth. Visit us and get out our live demos.

Automated Fare Collection & Revenue Management Systems

Beena Vision Systems Inc at Asia Pacific Rail 2017


Beena Vision Systems Inc

Beena Vision Systems Inc. is the leading manufacturer of vision-based automatic wayside inspection systems for the railroad industry. Over the past seventeen years, Beena Vision has pioneered and developed a number of innovative products using sophisticated machine vision and non-contact measurement technologies. Our wayside train condition monitoring systems are designed and manufactured for the most demanding applications. Systems are available for Wheel Profile, Wheel Tread Surface, Brake (Block and Pad/Disc), Spring, Coupler and Running Gear. Beena Vision has a dedicated presence for support services in the Asia Pacific region. Visit us at booth D12 and find out more.

Wayside Monitoring Technology

Beijing YHD Railway Equipment Co.,Ltd. at Asia Pacific Rail 2017


Beijing YHD Railway Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Beijing YHD Railway Equipment will be showcasing two key products:

Grinding and rail milling machines: YHD provides machines for grinding rail heads, webs and switches, as well as solutions for removing corrugation from rail heads, rust from rail surfaces, and beads after welding. The company's rail milling machine reconditions over-sized rails with flow edges.

Wrenches for railway bolts: YHD supplies portable impact wrenches and digitally controlled wrenches powered by lithium batteries. It also offers internal combustion wrenches and hydraulic power wrenches, which secure anchoring rail bolts to sleepers.

Visit us to find out more!

Operations & Maintenance

Connect AR Limited at Asia Pacific Rail 2017


Connect AR Limited

SnapPop disrupts the way we interact with our surroundings, e.g. in a train, in a station, or anywhere within the journey. After users "snap" a picture of any naturally-occurring image around them, such as tickets, signs, signboards, or posters, a "pop" with audio, video, multimedia, or even Augmented Reality (AR) can pop up on their smartphones, to give extended information (e.g. routes, schedules, floorplan). The

SnapPop platform can bring new and innovative Passenger Experience, using everyday images surrounding us. Join us at booth A02 to test out SnapPop for yourself and even win exciting prizes during our lucky draw with our SnapPop App.

Marketing, Passenger Experience

DATUMSTRUCT (CFS) PTE LTD at Asia Pacific Rail 2017



Datumstruct will showcase their latest integrated console suites combining the disciplines of industrial, ergonomics and interior design creating ergonomics workspaces fulfilling the needs of a control and command centre, and their latest innovative video wall & KVM solutions. They will live demo their KVM solutions with the latest reduced depth video wall display and cutting-edge video wall controller system, displaying the importance for operators and allow operators to anticipate critical traffic situation or initiate a desired response or action immediately even in the most extremes situations such as an emergency.

Control Room Solution

East Japan Railway Company at Asia Pacific Rail 2017


East Japan Railway Company

East Japan Railway Company (JR East) provides you better solution for maintaining rolling stock and infrastructure, and consulting on retails inside of station and TOD. We also provide training program about these area. Our subsidiary company, J-TREC, is a manufacturer with an established reputation, try our high quality rolling stock. Visit us and experience our solution at stand E11.

Consultants, Operations & Maintenance,Rail IT & Enterprise Solutions, Rolling Stock, Training and advisory

EMKA at Asia Pacific Rail 2017



The EMKA Group is world market leader for locks, hinges and gasketing used in switch cabinet as well as in control, distribution and telecommunications cabinets. The company is also among the leading manufacturers of locking technology in the fields transport, hygiene and HVAC technology. Currently, the overall range comprises more than 15,000 articles, developed, manufactured, refined and assembled at nine production sites in Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, US and China. The company is represented in 46 countries employing more than 1,400 employees. EMKA is an expert not only in stainless steel casting and in injection moulding of aluminum, zinc and high performance plastic, but also in extruding rubber and plastic profiles. To meet the unique processing depth, EMKA has a further production technologies include punch, bending, lathe machining, milling, friction welding, coating and the final assembly of modular product solutions

Rolling Stock Components

era contact (Suzhou) Co Ltd at Asia Pacific Rail 2017


era contact (Suzhou) Co Ltd

We are the worldwide technology and market leader for automatic electrical couplings and hand plugs in the rail sector. As well as the transmission of power and control signals we are the only company also offering solutions for the transmission of Ethernet and fast Ethernet signals between trains. Visit us at booth C03 and check out our era-transceiver® with optical radio signal is used as interface for the high-speed data transfer from 100 MBit/s to 1 GBit/s. For future applications, where higher data rates are needed, era-contact temporarily develops the next generation with 10 GBit/s.

Signalling, Communications & Network Infrastructure

FLIR ITS at Asia Pacific Rail 2017



For the first time in Asia Pacific, we will be showcasing our latest RSX-F Thermal Fire Sensor for Rail Coaches at our booth, E12. Combining the FLIR Lepton Thermal Sensor and high-definition visual imaging, the RSX-F sensor helps to improve Fire Detection and Passenger Safety. We will also be sharing our intelligent thermal cameras for platform and tunnel safety applications. Come by our booth and learn more!

Safety and Security Products

HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH at Asia Pacific Rail 2017


HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH

HIMA, manufacturer of COTS safety systems, is the leading provider for safety-related automation solutions for process safety worldwide. All HIMA safety PLCs are suitable for use in many railway applications, including interlocking, railway crossings and rolling stock and are certified up to SIL 4 (CENELEC). Visit our booth for some live demos

Rail Safety Controller

ISCOM SPA at Asia Pacific Rail 2017



Riverclack® standing seam metal roofing system is a high performance solution for flat, curved or more complex-shaped roofs. Its patented drainage channel guarantee water tightness, while the unique 5754 aluminum-magnesium alloy allows resistance to the most challenging climatic conditions, zero maintenance and durability. Countless designs, from convex, to concave and “S” curves can easily be achieved with self-bending or mechanically curved panels, formed both in production plant and on-site. Airports, stations, sport arenas, warehouses and largescale projects all over the world feature Riverclack® unequalled structural and design performance.

Metal roofing

INIT at Asia Pacific Rail 2017



INIT will be showcasing its revolutionary account-based ticketing solution that helps public transport companies streamlining their sales while offering passengers more convenience. Other than traditional card-based ticketing systems, account-based systems hold the customer data and business logic in the back-end system. This approach makes the ticketing system much more flexible. Moreover, the open architecture approach allows the easy integration of various sales channels and multi-modal offers. Open payment can be added allowing passengers to not only use media provided by the transport companies but also e-ticketing media that they already possess, like EMV based contactless credit/bank cards or NFC smartphones.

Automated Fare Collection & Revenue Management Systems

 Irmie Impianti S.r.l. at Asia Pacific Rail 2017


Irmie Impianti S.r.l.

Visit Irmie Impianti S.r.l. at booth D10 to check out our test Benches for electromechanical and pneumatic components used in metro and rail applications. We will also be showcasing our power supply systems for railways and metro depots.

Power Systems & Distributions

Kangwei Tongchuang Group at Asia Pacific Rail 2017



Kangwei Tongchuang Group will be showcasing their electronicmotors for grinders at their booth A07. Visit them to find out about their latest electronicmotors. They will also be featuring their couplings, speed sensors, temperature sensors, vibration sensors, and more etc.

Operations & Maintenance

Lantech Communications Global, Inc. at Asia Pacific Rail 2017


Lantech Communications Global, Inc.

Lantech will be showcasing our latest industrial wireless and EN50155 solutions for faster and reliable rail networking. We will live demo our redundant ring solution with IP67-rated industrial switches. Visitor can also explore our latest 802.11ac wireless products at Lantech stand.

Signalling, Communications & Network Infrastructure

LINMAG at Asia Pacific Rail 2017



LINMAG is as the world wide biggest rail milling service provider, the most reliable partner for rail way networks around the globe. Our successful growing over the last years confirms our competence in service and technology. By using our rail milling service, rail defects can be removed by preventive and corrective surface maintenance, which occur due to train operation. Restoring the correct rail profile increases the smoothness of train operations, reduces undesirable forces and extends the rail life enormously. This reduces the LCC and prolongs the intervals between expensive re-railing.

Operations & Maintenance

LINSINGER Austria at Asia Pacific Rail 2017



LINSINGER Austria will be showcasing our latest the rail milling and grinding Train especially for Metros. Visit us at booth B05 and stand a chance to win with our free give aways!

Operations & Maintenance

 Masabi Mobile Ticketing at Asia Pacific Rail 2017


Masabi Mobile Ticketing

Masabi is the global leader in mobile ticketing and fare collection for transportation. We deliver transit ticketing solutions that delight passengers and reduce costs for agencies and operators. Masabi’s JustRide is a scalable mobile ticketing and fare management platform and is live with over 25 transport authorities and operators around the globe, making it the most widely deployed end-to-end mobile ticketing platform in operation today. Visit us at booth A05 and test our JustRide application, JustRide Hub and JustRide Inspect Validation Suite firsthand! Take part in our Lego Train Prize Draw.

Automated Fare Collection & Revenue Management Systems

Next Generation Rail Technologies SL at Asia Pacific Rail 2017


Next Generation Rail Technologies SL

For the first time in Asia, NGRT will be showcasing our state-of-the-art technology for increasing safety and security of the railway infrastructure. Visit our booth at D05 and learn more about how you can detect, broken rail, rockslide, flat wheel, flooding and more. Each application works as a stand alone system, or combined. It’s all your choice.

Signalling, Communications & Network Infrastructure

nora systems GmbH at Asia Pacific Rail 2017


nora systems GmbH

nora systems will be showcasing the ideal floor solution for rail and bus industry at booth no. C10. nora® rubber floor coverings are highly wear resistant and due to their closed surface very dirt- and chemical repellent as well as easy to maintain. The choice of nora is safe in terms of fire behaviour because the floorings are halogen free and so no corrosive vapors and no dioxins and furans can form in case of fire and have a good sound absorption.

Floor Coverings

Oasys Ltd at Asia Pacific Rail 2017


Oasys Ltd

Oasys is a leading developer of engineering software. We bring real innovation into the market with our software ranges: geotechnical & structural engineering and pedestrian simulation modelling. All of our software ensures easy import and export from standard CAD programs and for BIM. MassMotion is our pedestrian modelling and crowd simulation software. It is capable of modelling hundreds of thousands of ‘agents’ – each with unique agendas. Ideal for rail and transit terminal planning, MassMotion handles the large high density crowds and scheduled based activity with ease. We offer a free 30 day trial on all of our software programmes.

Pedestrian Simulation & Engineering

OTN Systems NV at Asia Pacific Rail 2017


OTN Systems NV

OTN Systems will be showcasing our specialized railway & metro critical operational transport network, based on industry leading technologies and standards. Our solution is a future-proof, ruggedized MPLS-TP network; built for 24-7 operation in the harshest railway environments. We will also be demonstrating our proven Open Transport Network, used in over 85 lines worldwide. Come by our booth at A01 to experience the performance and functionality of our equipment.

Signalling, Communications & Network Infrastructure

Rex Articoli Tecnici at Asia Pacific Rail 2017


Rex Articoli Tecnici

Rex Articoli Tecnici will be showcasing our Wheel support sets for storage and transportation of rail wheel sets at our booth F11. Visit us and find out about our rubber boots and pads for sleepers for ballastless tracks (Slab tracks) as well as the different types of rolling stock materials and rail crossings (Swisscross) that we offer.

Track & Tunnel Infrastructure

Ritter Starkstromtechnik at Asia Pacific Rail 2017


Ritter Starkstromtechnik

Ritter Starkstromtechnik will be featuring our ON LOAD Disconnectors for Feeding and Cuppling from the Traction voltage at our booth C07. We will also be showcasing our ON-LOAD Disconnectros, Earthing switches, Disconectros, Changeover Disconnectors and Cubicles. Come over to our booth and talk to us.

Station Equipment & Furnishing

Shanghai Gino Telema Resistors Co.,Ltd. at Asia Pacific Rail 2017


Shanghai Gino Telema Resistors Co.,Ltd.

Shanghai Gino Telema Resistors will be showcasing our high power resistor, DC Contactor and Earthing resistor at their booth. Visit us at our booth F08 to find out more!

Rolling Stock

Schrey & Veit GmbH at Asia Pacific Rail 2017


Schrey & Veit GmbH

S+V will showcasing their latest solutions for reducing noise and vibration as well as improving railway track maintenance – both combined in one product. A smart design from the aerospace industry is now adopted for railway operation. The innovative dampers are showing a high performance when being installed at railway tracks. S+V operates a worldwide unique railway noise R&D laboratory in Germany to develop products with the best effect and efficency. Special track types and operation conditions are also welcome due to individual tuning processes.

Track & Tunnel Infrastructure

Sepura PLC at Asia Pacific Rail 2017


Sepura PLC

At AsiaPacific Rail we will be demonstrating how our market leading solutions are supporting transport operations around the world today, supporting efficiency and safety. These include: • Voice: communications between driver, public address systems and control rooms • Critical data: alarm management, vehicle diagnostics, real-time location, emergency data and alarms • Vital data: data for rail signalling applications such as ETCS or CBTC • Non-vital data: On-board and wayside video surveillance and other applications

Signalling, Communications & Network Infrastructure

TDK-Lambda at Asia Pacific Rail 2017



TDK-Lambda will be showcasing our power systems at Asia Pacific Rail. Join us at booth A08 to check out Our Power + Solution featuring the usage of our LS series that can be used in PA Systems, Train cameras/LED displays, LED Displays inside train cabins and many more! Drop by out booth and stand a chance to win battery banks from Xiao Mi.

Power Systems & Distributions

Wilson Acoustics Limited (WAL) at Asia Pacific Rail 2017


Wilson Acoustics Limited (WAL)

Wilson Acoustics Limited (WAL) will be showcasing our new type of tuned mass damper for railway noise and vibration control. WAL railway damper comprises multiple oscillation masses, which can be tuned individually according to property of rail, to provide effective damping for both vertical and lateral pinned-pinned resonance of the rail, and provide broadband vibration absorption. The noise reduction performance and suppression on rail corrugation has been proven at operational tracks in Hong Kong. The key features of WAL railway damper are listed below: - Guarantee ≥3dB(A) noise reduction - 10dB vibration reduction - 45% corrugation growth reduction

Track Infrastructure

VYCON at Asia Pacific Rail 2017



Vycon will be showcasing our flagship VYCON REGEN! VYCON REGEN for Rail kinetic energy recycling systems recycle energy by taking the energy component of an application that would otherwise be wasted and converting it into usable electricity or thermal energy. The unique flywheel technology allows users to target energy intensive industries and applications to reduce costs, increase efficiency and reduce emissions. Our systems are designed to preserve and smooth power during the high peak loads these applications require. Visit us at Booth E09 and find out more!

Energy Storage





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