Center of Excellent for Road & Railway Innovation

Association Partner

(Center of Excellence of Road and Railway Innovation, Naresuan University) was established in 2012 under the vision: 

“To be the Front Line of Railway Research and Solution in Thailand”

Our head office is located in Phitsanulok province, the lower north of Thailand. 

Our team are the integration of several researcher and student in various fields such as Railway system, Automotive, Mechatronic, Environmental system, Structural engineering with heath monitoring as well as Computational mechanics. 

We aim to integrate the knowledge of research, technology and best practice for application of real world engineering solution. Our partner and client are from academic, government organization as well as private sector.

Aim and Strategy

“Integrated of Advance Technology for Reliable Engineering Solutions”

We are welcome for collaboration and sharing of knowledge for sustainable development of Thailand’s self-reliance railway industrial as well as ASEAN railway system.

Our Milestones

Strong academic collaboration and good partnership enable us to provide the engineering solution with most advance technology. Several challenging projects have been completed and the examples of our milestone are;

  • Bridges and Infrastructures Monitoring and Evaluation;
  • Establishment of Master Plan for Thailand’s Railway Standardization;
  • Establishment of Thailand’s Railway Track Standards and Manuals;
  • Design, Construction and Testing of Thailand 1st Power car Train;
  • Embedded Monitoring System for Safety and Serviceability Evaluation of Thailand Airport Rail Link Project in accordance with UIC-518 standard;
  • Analysis and Evaluation of PEA Electrical Poles by Dynamic Analysis Method;
  • Research and Development of Electric Vehicle Conversion;