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Innovative solutions for safe and smooth passenger flow in metro and rail stations

Jul 9, 2020 03:30 PM (Singapore Time)


As we gradually ease out of lockdowns and people start using metro systems again, we need to ensure both the safety and the trust of riders and personnel alike. How can operators and authorities ensure the safety and well-being of passengers in public transport stations whilst keeping their journeys smooth and efficient? A sound strategy is key to winning back commuter confidence. A commuter’s journey to work, for example, starts when they leave home; before they reach their destination, however, a series of encounters will have taken place. Every single of these encounters needs to be safe - otherwise the whole chain is at risk. This must-attend webinar touches upon solutions to minimize risks and ensure smooth flow through stations in the “new normal”:

  • anti-bacterial elevator surfaces and self-cleaning escalator handrails
  • touchless control systems and remote monitoring
  • smart people flow planning to minimize crowds and bottlenecks
  • connected solutions which allow integration with even more applications, such as blindsquare

Featured Speaker:

Werner Ettrich, Global Maintenance Director, KONE

Werner Ettrich

Global Maintenance Director


Alex Lau, General Manager - Safety & Quality, MTR Corporation, Hong Kong

Alex Lau

General Manager - Safety & Quality

MTR Corporation, Hong Kong

Krish Mootoosamy, Principal Consultant, 11outof10 CX

Krish Mootoosamy

Principal Consultant

11outof10 CX

Daniel Torresan, Acting Asset Manager Building Services, Metro Trains Sydney

Daniel Torresan

Acting Asset Manager Building Services

Metro Trains Sydney



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