Safety, Reliability & Disruption Management in High Speed Rail and Metro Systems Seminar Series

*Free for all to attend*

**The Safety, Reliability & Disruption Management Seminar series will take place in the "Rail Revenue & Ticketing Seminar Theatre**



Rail Revenue & Ticketing Theatre, Wednesday 21 March 2018

Rail Revenue & Ticketing Theatre

Safety, Reliability and Disruption Management of High Speed Rail and Metro Systems - City University of Hong Kong Seminar Series

Project Number: T32-101/15-R

Peter W. Tse
Rail Revenue & Ticketing Theatre

A Fast and Effective Technique for Inspecting Rail Tracks – A Novel Laser-based Lamb Wave Approach

Antoni Chan
Rail Revenue & Ticketing Theatre

Counting and Tracking Crowds in Surveillance Video

Yu Yimin
Rail Revenue & Ticketing Theatre

Price‐directed cost sharing and demand allocation among service providers with multiple demand sources and multiple facilities

Yang Zhao
Rail Revenue & Ticketing Theatre

System Prognostics & Health Management and Its Industrial Applications

Dong Wang
Rail Revenue & Ticketing Theatre

Monitoring and Health Management of Engineering Systems and Critical Components

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